pasteis de nata

The pastel de nata is to Lisbon what the macaron is to Paris – symbolic sweetness in a refined pastry. The people of Lisbon have apreciated this delicate, flaky pastry shell filled with an exquisite cream for centuries. They are served lightly powdered with cinnamon, according to taste.

The history

For years, Portugal dominated the sugar trade. Departures on these long, dangerous voyages were blessed by the powerful catholic church. In return, the institution received precious commodities – one of which was sugar. Methodical tax collecting ensured church pantries were well stocked with flour and eggs.The whites were used for starching nun’s habits and priests’ robes and an excess of yolks were left over for the kitchens. This surplus inspired culinary creativity.

In the 17th century, word spread quickly around Portugal of a tartelette with a creamy centre being sold by the monks of the Hieronymite Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos) in the Belem district of Lisbon. Domingos Rafael Alves bought the precious recipe in 1837 and opened the famous bakery that has become a required stop on any visit to the world heritage site monastery. A legend was born !


Conserveira de Lisboa - Canned Seafoods

Since 1933, the Conserveira de Lisboa has supplied the most reknowned chefs of the capital. Savoured as a starter or as an aperitif, their delicacies are an institution synonymous with Lisbon and the Portuguese identity.

sal marim

Flor de Sal Salmarim - Crystallized sea-salt

Organic, crystallized, gourmet sea-salt, hand-harvested in the natural reserves of Castro Marim on the southern coast. Known for Its purity and fine crystals, they are a favourite of Portugal’s great chefs.
Available Natural or expertly blended with Herbs, Lemon, Olive or Bell-Pepper

huile d'olive

Olive Oils

For cooking or for seasoning, olive oil is an integral ingredient in Portuguese cuisine. Comme a Lisbonne offers a fine selection of oils from the ancient groves found in the two designated olive oil producing regions of Portugal- the Alentejo and the Alto Douro.


Chas Gorreana - Organic Teas

Founded in 1883 on the Azores Island of São Miguel, Gorreana’s are the sole tea plantations in Europe. The first shoots of these ancient plants were transported from Asia during the explorations. Today, the tea is still produced traditionally – without herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, colourings or preservatives.
Did you know? The Portuguese brought tea-time to England? Upon her marriage to Charles II in 1662, Katherine of Bragança introduced the tradition, which was in vogue at 17th century Portuguese court.

une selection de miels


A selection of traditional honeys from the best keepers in the country. Fragrant Honeys made from the orange groves of the Algarve, the eucalyptus forests of the Beira Litoral and the heather fields of the Serra da Estrella valleys.

confitures artisanales

Fruit Preserves

A selection of organic fruit jams in a variety of traditional recipes : fig, tomato, green tomato, currant, blackberry, pumpkin/walnut . . .
Home-made from handed-down recipes with no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

confitures artisanales

Wines and Liquors

A selection of fine Port wines, Vinho Verde and traditonal regional liquers.

confitures artisanales

Chocolats Arcádia

Since 1933 the Bastos family has reigned as the royal family of Portuguese chocolatiers. This grande chocolaterie founded in Porto still makes their delicate hand-made chocolates using all natural ingredients, without artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

confitures artisanales

Bordalo Pinheiro Swallows

These famous swallows were originally designed by art-nouveau artist Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, founder of the famous ceramic factory of the same name created in 1884. He immortalized these birds - a symbol of good luck to the Portuguese.
These hand painted re-editions are available in four individual sizes or as a gift-boxed family of three.

presse_happylife biba lequipe noticias metro femina vivre cote paris elle vivre telerama presse

A Lisbon rendez-vous in the centre of Paris.
A warm and alluring space that recreates the atmosphere found in the cafes of Lisbon. An ideal place for enjoying the Portuguese delicacy, the pastel the nata.

Daily at Comme a Lisbonne, tray after tray of these famous pastries are baked and served-up warm with passion and national pride. Consumed on-site, accompanied by an excellent portuguese coffee or available beautifully packaged for takeaway, these delightful pastries are the perfect gift – if you can part with them !

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